1000 Museum

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Ref. NO : MIA06153

Satılık $5,699,000 (Başlangıç Fiyatı) - Daire

One Thousand Museum is a Zaha Hadid Designed residential tower currently under construction, with ODP architects. Located opposite  Perez Art Museum the building is developed by Herzog and De Meuron. The design boasts a unique exoskeleton structure that comprises close to 5,000 individual pieces shipped in from Dubai.

The development will consist of 83 residences along side a wealth of luxury facilities including an Aquatic Center and a proposed private Helipad. Other exclusive features include a bank quality safety deposit vault. Over sized terraces. Integrated kitchen equipment by Gaggenau. Sub Zero refrigeration. Custom Italian kitchens and cabinetry. A sky lounge for private events and custom scenting in all communal areas.

A total of 1-2 units per floor. Each unit will offer views of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean and the Miami skyline.

Ekstra Bilgiler

  • Lokasyon: Biscayne Bay
  • Deniz: 6kms
  • Merkez: Merkez
  • Havalimanı: 13 kms
  • Bahce: Ortak
  • Sitedeki Konut Tipleri: Dubleks Town Houses. Yarım kat ve tam kat
  • Toplam Ünite Sayısı: 83.62 Kat
  • Aidat: -
  • İnşaat Bitiş Tarihi: 2018

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